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Bone Grafting

If there enough bone for my dental implant?
When a patient is missing a tooth or teeth, the jawbone around that area will reduce in size. When this occurs, the area that the tooth or teeth used to be no longer supports a tooth the way it once did. In circumstances like this, patients typically are not candidates for dental implants without increasing the amount of bone in that area.

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery allows the capability of growing bone in areas such as these so that it may be, once again, suitable for dental implants. This gives the patient the ability to restore their natural look and feel inside their mouth without having serious complications down the road. A longer lasting permanent artificial tooth solution has been made further available by bone grafting.

There are many surgical options for obtaining and placing bone grafts. In some situations, bone may need to be harvested from the patient’s own bone. However, there are now many situations in which synthetic bone can be used. Depending on the situation, surgery may be performed in our office. It is often only a day surgery procedure.

Sometimes a bone graft is using synthetic bone (alloplast) is placed immediately after the tooth is extracted to help your body fill the socket with bone.  This step will maintain the width or volume of bone you will need for implant placement. 

You may also need bone grafting if the sinus cavities of your upper jaw are very large or very low and extending into the tooth bearing areas. This condition requires what is called a "sinus grafting procedure". Usually, it is performed in the office with local and intravenous anesthesia. During this procedure, the membrane that lines the sinus will be located and elevated. Bone will then be added to restore bone height and insure that dental implants of an adequate length can be placed. This procedure can often be performed at the time of implant placement.

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