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For your surgical procedure, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia is used to provide a comfortable and safe surgical experience. As a result, the anxiety and fear of undergoing surgery is removed.

Intravenous Anesthesia or Sedation:
The injection of medications into a vein of the arm will ease the patient into a "twilight" effect.  In some cases, a state of "ultra light" general anesthesia may be accomplished.  Under this sedation, the patient will experience no pain or anxiety and will have no recall of the surgical procedure because the medications given will disassociate the patient from the surgery while still responsive and technically conscious.  

General Anesthesia:

This form of anesthesia is administered intravenously and accomplishes a state of unconsciousness.  Local anesthesia may by used in conjunction with IV sedation or general anesthesia to minimize anesthetic doses and allow the patient to wake up free of pain.

Your safety is the number one concern in our office. We use state of the art monitoring systems in our office to ensure your well-being. As a result, your procedure can be performed in a safe and cost-effective manner in our office surgical suite.  All patients receiving any type of sedation or general anesthesia are monitored with the latest forms of electronic devices intra-operatively.  Blood-pressure, EKG (heart), respiration, and blood oxygen levels are constantly monitored for patient safety.  Dr. Seabold and or his assistants will be with the patient the entire time the surgery is in progress.  After the procedure is complete and the patient has initial recovery from the anesthetic, the patient will continue to be observed for further recovery.  An assistant will bring the family member back to the patient in the recovery room until he or she is ready for discharge.  Post-operative, post-anesthetic instructions will be given prior to discharge,  

Dr. Seabold and staff are trained in management of aesthetic emergencies.  Dr. Seabold is current in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) training provided by the American Heart Association and his assistants CPR certified.  Equipment and medications are available in out outpatient surgical facility to deal with these rare anesthetic related problems.  

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